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Year One Accolades


  1. Since May 2017 the Sober Shuttle has received over 400 service related calls and has traveled over 10,000 miles across Massachusetts.
  2. Since May 2017 the Sober Shuttle has made over 150 transports. 
  3. Increased membership by 300%.
  4. Commitment coverage at 5 local recovery programs.
  5. Sustained a positive working financial flow.
  6. Increased working partnerships within local and distant communities..
  7. Several articles published on Sober Shuttle Services.
  8. President spoke to members of the Kiwanas Club.
  9. Sober Shuttle became a member of the Roadmap to Recovery Initiative in Everett.
  10. Sober Shuttle’s held its’ 2nd Annual Holiday Party as a registered  non-profit for the Developmentally Disabled.  This makes 9 years  overall.
  11. Sustained a working relationship with 5 local court systems and the Middlesex Sheriff's Department.
  12. Appeared on the Rock2Bottom Podcast.
  13. Spoke at the Somerville Police Stakeholders Meeting.
  14. Received an award from Chamber of Commerce and Everett Community  Health for their service within the realms of the Opioid Epidemic and  for their recovery supports.