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Coronavirus - Stay Protected



During this health crisis the Sober Shuttle would like to extend their hopes and prayers for all to stay healthy and safe.  We are still here to help at a limited capacity.  We strongly suggest that if our services are needed (even though we are considered temporarily inactive) that you still make that important call that could save your life.  As we have witnessed death tolls from the Coronavirus increase we must also remember that death tolls from substance abuse, the Opioid Epidemic, and all forms of overdose is also relevant and remains very real!

With many blessings and much love - The Sober Shuttle team

A message from the Sober Shuttle President

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Our Mission


The Sober Shuttle Mission is to provide "cost free transportation" to all individuals who wish to recover from the infliction of substance abuse and mental illness, and to support them, their family, business and our communities in sustained positive productivity.

Our Vision


The Sober Shuttle Vision is for all who we support to endure a healthy and meaningful life through sustained recovery.

Sober Shuttle II


January 18, 2020

The Sober Shuttle would like to introduce Sober Shuttle II.  This is an older van, as a matter of fact a 2002 Honda Odessey that needs very little attention.  This van comes fully powered with heated chairs, AM/FM Radio, cassette player, and CD player to listen to our Recovery Collections on those long transports and commitments.  In addition it has a DVD Player for those in the back with separate headsets for each individual.  Those of us who have had the opportunity to travel as a Group of Recovering individuals in the name of Service work, or as just a group of family members getting together to enjoy good company we look forward to once again sharing this truly grand experience - "All Aboard"!

Attitude of Gratitude


Sabatino Insurance Agency Inc.


Rocco Longo proprietor of Sabatino Insurance explains how his insurance company can save his customer time and money.  Sabatino Insurance is a full service agency, writing auto, home, business, commercial, flood, bonding, IRA and life insurances. This extremely friendly company has a trilingual staff with concentrations in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English. They are insurance professionals who provide superior knowledge and outstanding customer service with a focus on future trends in competitive insurance markets to meet the specific needs of each and every one of their clients with the highest quality insurance for the best value available.

Sober Shuttle, Inc acknowledge and honors Rocco Longo and his professional staff for their continued support of Shuttle services and for their excellent service in the city of Everett and all surrounding communities. Please call or visit Rocco and his professional family today for all your insurance needs at:

Sabatino Insurance Agency Inc.

564 Broadway Street

Everett,  MA. 02149

P – (617) 387-7466

F – (617) 381-9186



Ferry Street Service Station


Tamer  Megid has been keeping the Sober Shuttle rolling since 2012.  Tamer's  commitment to expert auto repairs and customer service is a refreshing  change from big business and high prices.  Auto services include:


Minor Tune Ups

Coolant System


Fuel System



Axle Repair

Clutch Repair


and more!

In addition Ferry Street Service Station has competitive fuel prices and offers the same price for both cash and credit.

Stop by and visit Tamer for all your automotive questions and repairs!

Ferry Street Service & Auto Sales

464 Ferry Street

Everett, MA. 02149

P (617) 771-1009

C (617) 828-8720

F (617) 294-2220



Dockside Restaurant

Debbie from the Dockside sits down with Shuttleian Linda Booker to develop a menu for one of the many events held at the Dockside Restaurant.  Debbie and the good people at Dockside have assisted the Sober Shuttle with functions and in providing donations going on 3 years.  

The Dockside offers a family setting with professional staff that make you feel as if you were in your own dining room.  Shuttleian favorites include Juicy Steak Tips, Cheeseburgers that absolutely melt in your mouth, Sausage Peppers & Onions, Macaroni & Cheese, American Chop Suey, and lets not forget about their Fisherman's Platter.

The Sober Shuttle thanks Debbie and the Dockside family for their continued support and friendship.

Dockside Restaurant

229 Centre Street

Malden, MA. 02148

P (781) 321-3000


I was first blessed  with the Sober Shuttle in my life at 5 months and 3 weeks clean.  I was graduating my sober house in Cape Cod and was to move to Chelsea where my husband had already set up home.  The only issue was I had no transportation and no where to turn.  My husband told a newly acquainted friend named Jim of my dilemma.  The next thing I new there was a green van in the driveway with white letters that read "SOBER SHUTTLE".  Before I knew it I was packed and on my way to Chelsea.  After that my involvement with the Sober Shuttle was a gift of recovery!  We carried the message of recovery to people in treatment centers and tried to give hope and inspire those struggling and suffering with substance issues.  I have now learned to live life with honor and dignity and with great gratitude for the Sober Shuttle! 

Nicole B.


2020 Programs and Initiatives

"Messengers of Hope"


Absolutely insist on enjoying "Life"

 The Sober Shuttle, Inc. is a group of individuals who have sustained a productive degree of recovery and a new and happy lifestyle.  We welcome all those wishing to recover from their own addictions to join us and become a part of the Sober Shuttle family. 


When individuals recover so do families!

 Re-establish trust and family engagement.  It has been the experience of many that family members who place distance between themselves and the actively addicted do so to protect their own physical and mental health.  When an individual enters recovery "Miracles" happen and families begin to reunite. 


Become an advocate in the lives of others!

 The Sober Shuttle strongly believes in their fellowship and in the power of 12-Step work.  By becoming active  in ones own recovery and in the recovery of others a common bond will form and new friendships will develop and existing relationships will flourish. 

Rock Bottom 2 Recovery Podcast

Please click here to watch Bill Farrell host conversation with President Jim Booker and Director Francis Burnett

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Whether you are looking for general information and/or a list of services, or if you would like to join our family and become an advocate of 12-Step work please send us your email address or call us at (617) 460-0584.