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The Sober Shuttle, Inc. is a "Family" of recovering alcoholics, addicts, and individuals with addictive behaviors who partner with concerned community members.  We travel to shelters, detox, holdings, rehabs, institutions, correctional facilities, and hospitals in an attempt to bring "HOPE" to those trying to recover.

Our intention is not to focus on the problems that bring us into recovery, but instead on the "12-step solution" and the "Way of Life" that keeps us here! 

"Messengers of Hope"

Absolutely insist on enjoying "Life"

The Sober Shuttle, Inc. is a group of individuals who have sustained a productive degree of recovery and a new and happy lifestyle.  We welcome all those wishing to recover from their own addictions to join us and become a part of the Sober Shuttle family.

When individuals recover so do families!

Re-establish trust and family engagement.  It has been the experience of many that family members who place distance between themselves and the actively addicted do so to protect their own physical and mental health.  When an individual enters recovery "Miracles" happen and families begin to reunite.

Become an advocate in the lives of others!

The Sober Shuttle strongly believes in their fellowship and in the power of 12-Step work.  By becoming active  in ones own recovery and in the recovery of others a common bond will form and new friendships will develop and existing relationships will flourish.                                                                       


I was first blessed  with the Sober Shuttle in my life at 5 months and 3 weeks clean.  I was graduating my sober house in Cape Cod and was to move to Chelsea where my husband had already set up home.  The only issue was I had no transportation and no where to turn.  My husband told a newly acquainted friend named Jim of my dilemma.  The next thing I new there was a green van in the driveway with white letters that read "SOBER SHUTTLE".  Before I knew it I was packed and on my way to Chelsea.  After that my involvement with the Sober Shuttle was a gift of recovery!  We carried the message of recovery to people in treatment centers and tried to give hope and inspire those struggling and suffering with substance issues.  I have now learned to live life with honor and dignity and with great gratitude for the Sober Shuttle! 

Nicole B.

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Whether you are looking for general information and/or a list of services, or if you would like to join our family and become an advocate of 12-Step work please send us your email address or call us at (617) 460-0584.

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Whether you need our assistance or would just like to say hello we would love to hear from you!

We are here to help!

The Sober Shuttle, Inc. mission is to focus on active recovery and how as a team we can assist individuals to transform from a state of sober and clean into the vision of sustained recovery.  Our Vision is to experience communities where individual growth and productivity contributes to population stability and security.

Sober Shuttle, Inc.

(617) 460-0584


Members of the Sober Shuttle, Inc. are available upon request.  There are no particular office hours and telephone calls (if not answered immediately) will be returned within the hour.

Services Offered

24/7 Telephone Support

Research and Inquiry

Treatment Placement Assistance


Recovery Supports

Food Assistance

Clothing Assistance

Outgoing Commitments

Continued Fellowship

Community Engagement


Sober Shuttle President speaks at Kiwanis Club

From left to right:  John Mackey, Jim Booker, Linda Booker, Rocco Longo and Barbara Mackey.  

On November 21, 2017 the Shuttle President Jim Booker and his wife Linda attended the Kiwanis Club meeting at Everett High School.  The Sober Shuttle expressed their concerns and interests in helping those facing addiction to find their way into recovery.   This event was a huge success and great accomplishment for the Shuttle!

The Shuttle will forever be grateful to John Mackey for the invitation to speak, and to Barbara Mackey and Rocco Longo for their continued support and dedication to the Shuttle's purpose and commitment!

Sober Shuttle honored by Everett Chamber of Commerce

From left to right: Maria LaRovere and David LaRovere - Messenger Insurance, James Booker - President Sober Shuttle, Jean Grannick - Cambridge Health Alliance, and Cheryl Smith - Chamber of Commerce

On February 28, 2018 President James Booker was invited to attend the Everett Chamber of Commerce meeting to discuss local businesses and how the Opioid epidemic and other related substance abuse issues have effected the business world.

On May 10, 2018 the Sober Shuttle will be honored and recognized as a business that has addressed the Opioid issue in the Everett and surrounding communities.  Our Lady of Grace - 59 Nichols Street on the Everett/Chelsea line will be the venue where guest speakers and a Q & A panel will contribute to this effort.

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