2020 Sober Shuttle Clothing Drive


Sober Shuttle Storage Unit

Directors Chrissie McLellan and Theresa Cimino sort through donated clothes looking for just the right fit.  The Sober Shuttle helps to provide clothing for the homeless, those entering recovery, or those already established in recovery and wanting to improve their life status.   Please email the Sober Shuttle at serenitynow@sobershuttle535.com if you have any unwanted clothes and shoes, or if you just want to be a Good Samaritan. 

Annual Mental Health Holiday Party


Sober Shuttle announces date for 2019 Mental Health Holiday Party

The Sober Shuttle announces Thursday, December 12, 2019 as the date for their Annual Revere House/Mill Street Mental Health Holiday Party.  This all started back in 2010 when President Jim Booker and fellow Shuttleians began celebrating the holidays with the Walnut House at Bay Cove Human Services.  The Holiday Party today services the DD Division at Bay Cove Human Services with more than 100 guests.  Due to HIPPA Laws and guidelines we are unable to attach photos but be assured this is an event that brings smiles to the faces of many!

The Sober Shuttle would like to thank Rocco Longo and Sabatino Insurance of Everett for their continued support throughout these wonderful years.  In addition the Sober Shuttle would like to welcome and thank the  First Church in Malden Congregational for their significant blessing and support in 2019!

Revere House/Mill Street Holiday Party


Thank you First Church of Malden Congregational

Theresa on the left and Linda on the right of our Dear Santa proudly display just a few of the new ornaments added to the 2019 Mental Health Holiday Party.  The First Church donation allowed the Sober Shuttle to make this a "Winter Wonderland"!


Bay Cove Human Services Bill Sprague

Revere House Program Director Sal Silva on the left and Mill Street Program Director and Sober Shuttle President join in a photo with President/CEO Bill Sprague of Bay Cove Human Services.  Bill's presence is always well received by the many individuals who attend this event.


Everett Councilor-at-Large Gerly Adrien

The Sober Shuttle thanks Everett Councilor-at-Large Gerly Adrien for taking time out of her very bust schedule to attend the Holiday Party and welcome all who attended to the City of Everett.  We appreciate Councilor Adrien's immediate response to our request to help celebrate at our Holiday Party.

A True Sense of "Naughty and Nice"



Shuttleians Sandy and Linda display "Nice" for Santa while Shuttleian Theresa dawns the "Naughty"!