Leading Donors


First Church in Malden Congregational

The First Church in Malden Congregation has blessed the Sober Shuttle for a little over a year with several donations.  Donations from the First Church have helped secure storage space for donated clothes, contribute to transportation, and has assisted in the Mental Health Holiday Party.  Thank you Patty Brannen and Randy Mccusker for bringing the First Church into our lives.

Alan, Leigh and Rosie Rapoza

The Rapoza Family has made monthly donations for over 12 months.  There monthly contribution assists in routine operating expenses associated with transportation.  The donation received from the Rapoza Family is the only regular monthly donation received by the Sober Shuttle.  Thank you Alan, Leigh and Rosie for your monthly support.

Rocco Longo and Sabatino Insurance

Rocco has been the longest donor making donations since 2015.  Rocco assisted in the Sober Shuttle attaining their status with the State of Massachusetts and helped procure legal support for forming a non-profit through Legal Zoom.  Rocco continues to be a major partner in all operations of the Sober Shuttle including promotions and advertisement.  Thank you Rocco!

John Kelly, PhD - Massachusetts General Hospital

John has been a personal friend of Linda and Jim Booker since 2008.  John took interest in the Sober Shuttle back in 2009 and has always supported our Mission through donations and verbal support.  In 2009 John financed the repair of the Sober Shuttle vehicle making it possible to continue serving others.  Thank you John!

Brad, Maeghann, Finleigh and Lucas Pineault

The Pineault family has made several important donations to the Sober Shuttle in times of need.  Events include the Sober Shuttle Annual Anniversary Drive, the Mental Health Holiday Party, and the Sober Shuttle Raffle Extravaganza.  Thank you Brad, Maeghann, Finnleigh and Lucas for your love and support!

Presently Open

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Simple Signs

Charlie Brennan

The Sober Shuttle would like to introduce Charlie Brennan our friend and partner in the printing industry.  Charlie works with Pro1Signs which we know better as Simple Signs.   Based out of Cape Cod the Sober Shuttle was fortunate to meet Charlie at the Raynham/Taunton Flea Market, and we are so glad we did.  Charlie has helped us design and print our attire and production materials from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and gloves to banners, business cards, and posters.

The Sober Shuttle makes it a point to visit Charlie in Raynham on a monthly basis.  Whether we need printing or just advice Charlie is warm to our wishes and diligent to our requests.  If you should happen to have the opportunity to stop by the Raynham /Taunton Flea Market on Sunday between 9am and 4pm you will see Charlie hard at work making someone's life more relaxed and stress-free!  It is the Sober Shuttle's recommendation that if you have any desire for print work please contact Charlie at (978) 621-1780.


Just to Mention


Daniel Alexander

Dan Alexander has been a life-long and best friend of President James A Booker for nearly 50 years.  After missing several years in between Dan and Jim have reunited with Dan being an instrumental tool in the book keeping and financial structure of the Sober Shuttle.


Javier Baez

Javier Baez seen here with Shuttleian Bob Cummings was the Program Director at STEPRox Recovery Support Center in Roxbury.  Javier became friends with the Sober Shuttle back in 2019 and has offered assistance in many Sober Shuttle activities and events.


Paul Hammersley

Paul Hammersley seen here with Shuttleian Paul Bell Jr. is the President of Malden Overcoming Addiction.  Malden Overcoming Addiction has partnered with the Sober Shuttle since 2015.  Paul was kind enough to attend the Sober Shuttle 2019 Anniversary Party held at the Dockside in Malden.