From the Director's Chair


Francis Burnett


My name is Francis and I am an alcoholic.  My sobriety date is  October 7, 2009.  My alcoholism caused extreme pain and suffering to me  and those that love me.  As much as I wanted to believe I was only  hurting myself I now know, and even knew during those drinking years  that my behaviors were also causing harm to others.  At this time I will  not go into some of the gruesome details of my active alcoholism.   Today I choose to talk about recovery.  My recovery is 100% due to the  grace of God and the program and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Recovery  for me is a program of action.  I do something daily that works toward  my recovery.  I begin my day…”upon awakening”...every day with reading  and prayer time.  I have a calendar beside my bed and I read the bible  scripture of the day.  Now I am focus on that “power greater than  myself” that I choose to call God.  Next I read from the daily  Reflections and then I hit my knees.  I do this wherever I am, taking my  scripture and AA literature on the road.  Now my day has begun with my  attitude of gratitude and focus on my primary purpose.  The last line of  our AA Preamble tells us our primary purpose. 

I have been  blessed with joyful and solid recovery.  This does not mean that  difficult challenges have been removed from my life.  I have been given  the tools to work through the tough times and the peace and serenity to  accept those things that are out of my control.  My current active  program of recovery consists of many open speaker meetings so I can hear  the message of recovery from others.  I attend beginners meetings and  do detox facilities and other commitments where I carry the message of  recovery.  I have and speak to my sponsor several times a week.  I work  our 12 Steps the best I can and I am in touch with another alcoholic  every day.  I am an active member of the Sober Shuttle and I am truly a  happy alcoholic in recovery.  

There is not much that is original  these days in Alcoholics Anonymous.  If alcohol and drugs are ruining  your life and you are checking out the program, please stick around long  enough for the miracle of AA to enter your life.  If you want what we  have, do what we do.  Recovery is there for you with some action on your  part. 

Blessings my friends and enjoy this day.